Friday, March 25, 2011

Just some thoughts for tonight

      I haven't posted for a while (I might explain my absence later) but I thought I would write a quick little note before going to bed. On my desk is a picture. It's a picture of cute little B at one year old. Every time I look at it my heart melts. I just want to kiss his cute cubby little cheeks. Seriously, I make cute babies! He's not a baby any more though. He is almost 7 years old and one really cute kid! As a one year old I thought he looked like me. I can see so many of my family's facial features in him. But now as he is growing he is starting to look more and more like his Birthfather. He has M's smile and as weird as it sounds, his earlobes. (if M were to read this he would swear he had my ears but I'm not budging on the earlobe thing) He has my forehead but that's all I can see of mine now. But what I love is to hear about his sweet personality! That he got from me! I may be a little biased but the stories about the cute little things he does remind me of me when I was a kid. Some people may not believe it but I actually had a really tender heart as a child. I could tease my siblings as good if not better then the rest of them, but I empathized with people really well.
     I love hearing how he cried inconsolably when he heard about the people in haiti because "he just wanted them to be happy like he was", or when wanted to hug his dog when watching 8 below and had to turn it off because it made him too sad. I love hearing that his Sunday school teachers think he is one of the best and most spiritually in-tune kids in the class. What a wonderful little boy he is! What an amazing Man he will be. What wonderful parents he has! It will be exciting to see where the future leads him. But for right now I am thinking about kissing his chubby little cheeks.

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