Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sisterhood

I have a little bit more energy tonight so I think I will write some more. Many may not know this but Meg is B's little sister's Birth Mother. So in case you didn't quite understand that last part, Meg and I both placed with the same couple. Basically I love her very much. Really we have only been together in person once, but she is like a sister to me.

 We have a special connection and I would do just about anything for this girl.  For those of you who do not read my personal blog, I have given up facebook for Lent. This means that my number one way of communicating with this cute girl is gone! So I don't talk to her as much and don't get to stalk her facebook wall anymore like I used to. I miss her. I saw her picture tonight and I thought, "oh, I love her". It reminded me of the other birth mothers I know who I love so nearly and dearly. 

You see, when you place a child for adoption, you enter into a special category. It is what I call "The Sisterhood".  You have a special experience that only those who have gone through placing for adoption can understand and truly appreciate. It bonds you together and you feel a closeness. I have never met a birth mother I didn't love. Have I met some I didn't want to be best friends with? Yes. But I have never met one I didn't feel an instant love and closeness to. It's a warm happy feeling when you meet a new birth mother. You know you are not alone. When you find this sisterhood there is a bit of relief. There are women out there you can cry with and express your fears, and anger, and joy with. It's a special sisterhood. A sacred sisterhood. 

My heart always goes out to those birth mothers who do not know any other birth mothers or about the sisterhood and carry their burdens alone. If you are one of them, please come join us! The sooner the better! All are welcome!

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