Thursday, March 3, 2011


     I miss my baby tonight. It is not a feeling that is overwhelming but it just makes me a little lonesome. I was looking at the picture on the side of my blog and that's what did it. I sure do love him and wish he were here. But the person I miss is a little baby. The one I held in my arms seven years ago. I miss the one I cuddled and cared for during the two days we spent together in the hospital. Not the wonderful active seven year old boy that baby has grown into. I love that little boy with all my heart, but he is not the one I know and remember. When I think of my son the first image I have is the baby in the hospital because that is the boy I knew. Not the active little soccer player he is today. None the less, I love him and I miss him. I just hope he knows how wonderful he is and how much he fills my heart with joy.

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