Tuesday, August 2, 2011

National FSA Conference--Go!

I have a big trip coming up and I am very excited! In a week I will be flying out to Colorado and driving with Meg to spend time in Utah and then on my own to good old Idaho.

While I am in Utah we will be attending the Families Supporting Adoption Conference. I am very excited to go this year because last year was great! I would highly suggest it to every one.

For birth parents (they don't forget the birth fathers there) it helps remind you that you are not alone. I have never been in a room with so many other birth mothers. There are other women that understand your pain. It was uplifting, and insightful, and healing. Last year I sat there wishing Meg was with me to experience the highs and lows of the conference. I wanted her to be as up lifted and blessed as I felt. I am so excited to be able to attend the conference with Meg this year. If you are a birth mother GO! You'll learn how to deal better. You'll find even more peace and comfort in your decision and make more wonderful supportive friends. If you need a friend to sit by and hold your hand, email me. Meg will sit on one side and I will sit on the other.

For adoptive parents (or perspective adoptive parents) it helps to educate! It helps you understand birth parents so much more. It gives you ideas on how to strengthen your relationship with your child's birth parents and better communicate your needs, thoughts, and desires regarding your ever evolving relationship. You'll learn about the benefits of open adoption. You'll learn how to introduce the fact your child was adopted to them. You will be brought to tears and feel the spirit. C and L were two more people I wished were at the conference with me last year. Not necessarily because they need education, but because I love them and felt closer to them even though they were not there. I wanted them to be uplifted by the stories and insights too.

For adopted children (really it's for adult or teen adoptive children) it reminds you of how much you are loved by your birth parents. It reminds you that you are so special and so important that your birth parents did what ever they needed to to give you the best. You will learn that your birth parents think of you often and will never forget about you. It will give you more insight to how to deal with being an adoptive child.

For friends and supporter it will give you a better idea of how to be there for what ever member of the triad you happen to be closely related to.

If you are a perspective birth mother/father/grand mother/etc PLEASE come! There is something for you. I will be teaching a class with my wonderful co presenter Alli, called Step by Step: Pregnancy to Placement. We will give you many helpful tips and suggestions to help you in your decision making process. It will be great!

It is next weekend! I can't believe it is so close. Because there is an awesome Fillet Mignon dinner after the sessions Friday night you need to register to help the conference people prepare. the cost is $45 a person and no charge to birth parents and their families.

Visit familiessupportingadoption.blogspot.com for more information on the conference and registration.

*Man, I should get paid for all the promoting I have done for these guys! Then again seeing all the members of my adoption family next weekend is payment enough. -so cheesy! :D

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