About me

My name is Deborah!

I am B's birth mother.
When I was 18 years old I found out I was pregnant. I immediately loved my sweet little baby more then anything else on this planet like many mothers do. I wanted to give him the best life possible and after many many nights of worrying, pondering, and praying I decided that adoption was the answer. I placed my sweet son with his parents in 2004 and have loved watching him grow through my semi-open Adoption. Recently I have come in contact with increasingly negative thoughts about adoption. Many people (including girls exploring adoption) have misconceptions about what it is like to be a birth mother and the kind of people birth mothers are. I started this blog to help readers understand that you can be a birth mother and be happy. There is heartbreak and pain in adoption just like anything in life. But there is also wonderful happiness and joy that comes from it as well! I love and support adoption! I am grateful you have come to read about my journey and experiences as a birth mother.

I graduated in December 2010 with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work
My mom and me
I have learned that I am a strong woman.....
Okay, maybe not so muscular

Who can do just about anything!

There are times in life when things will be hard and rain will fall.

But ultimately I think life is wonderful!

 I don't believe in taking life (or yourself) to seriously

 You were meant to be loved and this world was meant to be enjoyed!


Thank you for joining me on my journey!